Solari has mixed emotions about a 2020 MLB season

Right now it looks like we could have “real” Major League Baseball games early in July. The proposal is for a roughly 80 game schedule. Followed by the playoffs. There would be fewer divisions with teams from both the American and National Leagues intermingled into “regional” divisions. So I have heard that could mean the Sox, Yanks, Phillies, Rays and Mets would all be in the same division.

I have to admit that sounds kind of cool. I would tune in some for sure. Because I love baseball and the Red Sox. I can’t imagine a full summer without seeing the green grass of Fenway or hearing Joe Castiglione’s voice booming out of my boat radio.

I have been to a Rays game in Tampa so I have a sense of what it will be like to watch teams play a game in front of no fans. It will lack some of the emotion and a walk off homer will be pretty much drama free if the fans can’t go nuts and the players can’t gather at home plate and mob the hero.

Still, I’m in. Let’s do it.


I do not much care about the playoffs. A wicked short season, odd schedule, strange division alignment, with games played in front of empty seats will not result in a World Series banner I want to hang. Or celebrate.

Baseball is all about tradition and history. This season will be a four month sideshow. A gimmick. Kind of like the XFL. There’s some entertainment value, but no real historical significance.

If fans of the team that wins the 2020 World Series party in the streets after the clinching game they should be banned for life. If the victorious franchise has a parade they should be contracted.

Go ahead, let’s play ball! But also let’s keep in mind the games and results really mean nothing.

Jeff Solari

Jeff Solari

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