TB 12 and Gronk are Buccaneers. Never thought I’d write that.

The Gronk Spike is coming back. It’s just not going to be happening in New England.
In a time where there are no live sports, sports Twitter rocked like an earthquake Tuesday afternoon with the news that tight end-turned-WWE superstar Rob Gronkowski is coming out of retirement and will be reunited with Tom Brady on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this fall.

Upon ending his short retirement, the New England Patriots shipped Gronk to the Bucs for a seventh-round pick and a fourth-round pick.

I’m usually a glass-half-full kind of guy, but for this year anyways, this means the Patriots dynasty as we knew it is dead.

Gronkowski has publicly said he would play with no other quarterback besides Thomas Edward Patrick Brady. That’s why a potential Gronk to the Lions trade was killed in 2018.

If this tells you anything, it’s something quite simple: The greatest quarterback to play the game and one of the best tight ends to play the game were tired of Bill Belichick.

Again, that’s not to say His Hoodiness is not a first-ballot Hall of Fame coach for all he’s done in New England.

But it was easy to see Brady’s frustration with a lack of weapons around him last year, at least after the second week of the season when Antonio Brown was in the Pats’ huddle.

Now, let’s look at the Bucs’ offense that Brady will have at his disposal. Two top tight ends in Gronk and O.J. Howard. Two top-flight receivers in Mike Evans and Chris Goodwin. A great offensive mind in Bruce Arians who was once Peyton Manning’s offensive coordinator in Indianapolis. A young, talented, up-and-coming defense.

Someone better call Julian Edelman and check in on him.

Are the Buccaneers the favorites in the NFC South? They just crept closer to New Orleans, which is still the favorite until someone knocks them off. But if Tampa Bay wasn’t a serious threat before, the Bucs certainly are now.

Are the Patriots crumbling the way the 1990’s Chicago Bulls are? After the first two episodes of ESPN’s 10-part documentary “The Last Dance” on the Jordan-Pippen-Jackson dynasty debuted Sunday night, some are already making comparisons.

And it’s not impossible to suggest Belichick is his sport’s Jerry Krause. By not giving his quarterback sufficient weapons and releasing ones such as Brown and Josh Gordon, The Hoodie drove the GOAT to Florida’s Gulf Coast. Similar to how Krause drove basketball’s GOAT to his second retirement by disrespecting Pippen and Jackson in a multitude of ways.

What a poetic ending it would be to the career of the GOAT by helping the Bucs become the first team to host a Super Bowl in their own stadium.

Super Bowl LV is at Raymond James Stadium. Don’t be surprised if the Bucs make history in a multitude of ways in February.

By Ryan McLaughlin

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