17 banners? The Boston Celtics should only brag about four of those at most

A case can be made that the Celtics are the most fraudulent franchise in American history. And that most of the those 17 NBA championship banners don’t really count. I’m painfully admitting this as a fan of the team!

Between 1957 and 1969 Bill Russell and the Cs racked up 11 NBA titles including 8 in a row. A dynasty! Sure thats cool.

But the NBA was barely a legit league. There were only 8 teams for some of that. The league grew to a whopping 15 teams in 1969.

Guys really didn’t change teams. So Boston had a few great players. And that’s all you needed.

Heck some of the best players were actually in the ABA at the time.

The NBA merged with the ABA in 1976. Larry Bird and Magic Johnson came in 1980. The league grew to 23 teams. Big TV contracts really kicked in and attendance grew. The NBA added the 3 point line. And Michael Jordan came in 1984.

So most agree the early 80’s is the real birth of todays NBA. And in 1981 the C’s won the NBA title. Ill count that one as legit.

They also won in 84, 86, and 2008. All good!

So in the 40 years since the NBA became one of the true American big 4 national sports the Celtics have four banners.

And only one World Title since 1986.

Really four titles since 1980 isn’t bad. In fact only the Lakers, Bulls, and Spurs have more.

But to sit here in 2019 and take the standards of todays NBA and give the Celtics credit for being the most dominant franchise of all time just is just not accurate.



Jeff Solari

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