Solari puts Patriots loss to Miami in perspective

Yes. That is a BAD loss. For so many reasons. Not just the way it ended.

Which by the way was historic. No team has had a single scoring play of at least 69 yards to win a game that way since 1970. So, rest a little easier knowing it takes magic to beat the Pats.

Ok. Not really. The defense should have been better against ancient Frank Gore and a hobbled Ryan Tannehill. Plus the missed kicks by Gostowski didn’t help or the lack of game awareness by Brady at the end of the first half. All bad. The last 7 seconds of each half killed them.

So, big picture. The Pats won’t have the #1 seed in the playoffs. They need to keep winning to make sure they are #2 and get a bye week.

This Pats team doesn’t look very good away from Foxboro. But an off week and a home game should get them to their 8th straight AFC Title game.

Plus, if you are going to dwell on just Sunday’s game, keep in mind the Chiefs needed OT to get by the Ravens in KC, Houston lost to Indy, and the Steelers have lost three in a row.

Patriots need to win out. If they do, memories of that Miami loss will melt away like ice on South Beach.


Tom Brady is now the all time leader in TD passes in the regular and post season with 580 in his career.

Tom Brady has now thrown for over 80,000 yards in the regular and post season. The only player in NFL history to do so.

Think about that. 45.5 miles.

Jeff Solari

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