The Red Sox way overpay Nathan Eovaldi

The Red Sox have reportedly signed free agent pitcher Nathan Eovaldi to a four year deal at an average of $17 million annually. Most Sox fans seem to love it, which is probably rock solid proof that Eovaldi is about to be way over paid.

Red Sox fans are still on a World Series high that would make Cheech and Chong envious. Apparently Sox ownership is as well.

Look, I love the guy! I love how he made the Yankees and Dodgers both look stupid in their own buildings in front of their distraught fans this post season. I love that he brings 100 plus mile per hour heat. I love the fact he can’t be rattled.

But he is not a $17 million dollar per year pitcher. It’s just another example of a team with deep pockets making it rain.

Eovaldi is 44-53 in his career. His ERA is over 4.00. He was 6-7 with a good ERA of 3.81 this year. He missed all of 2017 coming off surgery. He was 9-8 in 2016 with an ERA just over 4.00.

2018 post season aside, you can see pretty much see what you are getting. If he stays healthy he is a good #4. He’ll be playing for a very good team. I forecast 13 wins. 9 losses. And an ERA of, you guessed it, just over 4.00. Which is ok, for about 7 million a year less.

It is not breaking news that the Red Sox have plenty of money. Why? Because they bleed every penny from fans who attend a game at “America’s Most Beloved Park”. $12 beers. $33 pizzas. $6.00 bottles of water. Not to mention some of the most expensive tickets in the sport. We pay extra for the right to watch the boys on NESN.

I want the Red Sox to have the best talent because I want them to be in World Series contention every year. But I hate that they have the highest payroll in baseball, a sport filled with albatross contracts and bloated payrolls. Contracts like this one is the reason why.

David Price is sticking around for $30 million a year. Dustin Pedroia has three years and $40 million left. He might not play. Pablo Sandoval is collecting another $19 million next year. That’s a lot of money for that crew.

Does overpaying Eovaldi make it harder to keep Mookie? Benintendi? Xander? Devers? Maybe. Chris Sale is in his last year. JD Martinez can opt out in a year. It’s going cost dearly to keep most of them. Maybe money that was spent on a below .500 guy who has had major arm surgery twice.

I’m glad Eovaldi is back. I do like him. But I wish they Sox had been prudent and kept about $25 million of the money in the bank for future needs. I’ll be curious to see how much pizza and beer cost at Fenway in two years.

Jeff Solari

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